How God uses people

I read an article at today. It is a story of a blind two year old baby girl. She was blinded by her beggar parents so that she could bring in more money for the family. Shortly after they gouged out her eyes, they dumped her when the authorities learned of what the parents had done.

Mr. Esler’s point in his post is to show that God can use people to show His love to others.

God gave a perfect example of our relationship with Him. That example is the family. But sin has caused this example to break down. Our earthly fathers are not perfect. Therefore, we sometimes have a hard time understanding the role of our Heavenly Father. But God can, and does, use people to show His love to those who do not see this perfect example in their own families.

Parents, one of the goals you should have is to model God for your family. How are you doing?

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