Baby has arrived!

My brother’s wife gave birth to a baby boy today. David Jeremiah Peach was born today (4-18-07) at 4:42pm. Weight 6 lbs. 15 oz., length 20 1/2″. Skinny and long.

Apparently all went well. We got a message containing the information provided here shortly after the baby was born. Since then, we have heard nothing. We presume that all is going well. As soon as I get pictures, I will post something here.

Congratulations to Paul and Melanie.

3 thoughts on “Baby has arrived!”

  1. Being a runner, I thought you were talking about the shoes… and then remembered they aren’t coming until the weekend.

    Congratulations on the new Nephew… your brother must like you to give him David or are they going to call him Jeremiah??

  2. I wished the new shoes were here that quickly. I still have a little over a week for them to arrive. sigh

    This will sound funny, but I actually understand the name thing. They chose the name David because it is easy to finger spell. Both my brother and his wife are interpreters for the Deaf. So, they chose a name that is easy to spell. Jeremiah on the other hand is not the easiest in the world.

    At least that is the story they are telling. Of course, at their wedding I was the guy who was called the best man. And there were a lot of other guys there too. I’m a pretty special person.

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