4000 and climbing

Two weeks ago I posted about hitting the 3000 mark for the number of downloads of Missionary Talks. Today we crossed 4000!

This has been helped by at least 2 things. The mission team I was with last week was made up of 20+ college age young people. They got home on Monday and started downloading the show I think. Then I had recorded a One Minute How To several weeks ago. I suspect that George’s podcast is quite popular. My episode went out on Monday as well. I have not heard it yet. I hope to get to it early next week.

Those two events caused me to average more than 100 downloads a day for the last 6 days. Normally I will see about 30 a day. This is great. I hope to keep these new listeners. That will require me getting on the ball and getting another show out. I just did not have the time that I had hoped I would to edit the recordings I have made.

I should be back on track in a few days.

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