3000 downloads for Missionary Talks

Today we went over 3000 downloads. In a previous post I mentioned that we had hit the 1500 mark. It took over 3 months to get to that point. Now we are just over 1.5 months from the 1500 milestone. So we doubled in about 7 weeks.

Can we double again in 7 more weeks? Wow! It makes my head spin to think that it is possible.

3 thoughts on “3000 downloads for Missionary Talks”

  1. I just make the numbers up. I wait until a reasonable amount of time before making an announcement of a mile stone.

    Ok, so maybe not. I use the PodPress plugin for WordPress. It has pretty good stats. It tells me how many downloads a day I have. It tells me how many direct downloads, feed downloads (through a podcatcher) and plays from the website I have had on each episode.


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