Day 3

I was hoping to get new pictures and a bit of a podcast out. That probably won’t happen until the weekend. I have been having too much fun with real people to spend time on the Internet playing with media.

Yesterday we saw 150 (or so) patients. We have seen between 500 and 600 patients in the 3 days so far. We have exact numbers, but I have not seen those numbers yet. We have also been able to share the message of salvation with almost all of them. There have been 88 who have accepted the Lord as their Savior via the main evangelist in the group. That does not count those who have come to the Lord by way of the doctors and med students. I know of 7, but there may be many more.

We still have today and a half day tomorrow.

I have had a blast running the last week. I have been able to run twice a day since I have been here. The people on the trip are either mid-20’s medical students or health conscious doctors. There are several runners. I have gotten to run with different ones through the week. Previous to this week I have run only 4 miles out of the 700+ miles I have logged while running with someone else. This has been fun.

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