Medical trip

We just finished our second day of the medical trip. Yesterday was a long day as we got started at 4:30 in the morning leaving the house to travel to the location. I went with another missionary in town. We did not hit the bed until 10 last night, which was really the first time to sit down and relax all day.Medical trip

We got to the meeting place and met with the team. They consist of 35 doctors and young people. It is split about half and half between doctors and medical students. The students are from Columbia (MO) University. The doctors are from all over the US. We have different specialties that are represented in the group.

The picture is from the first day of the clinic. We are in a different village each day. This picture is from the town of Yalcoba. Today we were Uama. In the picture you see a doctor speaking English, a translator speaking Spanish who is talking to another translator who is speaking Maya to the lady in the photo. We had need of Spanish and Maya translators. Maya is still very commonly spoken in the villages, especially among the older population.

I am not sure where we will be the rest of the week. But they will be other villages much like the two we have already visited.

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