Happy Valentine’s Day!

Today we went out for lunch. Wednesday evenings are hectic and dinner is not really an option. Plus, we rarely go out to eat at night. We have our big meal during the day and then a light meal usually around 5 or 6 in the evening.

Today we went to Boston’s. The place was packed. There were so many big parties there that we ended up at a folding table in the middle of the smoking section. Fortunately for us the groups that were there were mostly high school kids. So there was not smoking going on around us.

I had spaghetti and meat balls with a side salad. My wife had nachos. Our kids at pizza and macaroni & cheese.

To make it look romantic and like I was in charge, she passed me the money under the table so I could pay.

3 thoughts on “Happy Valentine’s Day!”

  1. For Valentine’s Day I got a box of candy and a card, and a romantic dinner at Burger King. Well, it takes all kinds.

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