Cool trash

It is not often that I get to find good trash off the street. Normally I look out and see the neighbors digging through my trash looking for good stuff I have thrown out. But, today it was my turn. My wife came in the house and said the neighbors had thrown out a computer case with a power supply still in it. I snatched it up.

What was funny was that the trash truck had already come by, but left the computer case. They typically don’t take anything but basic trash that is in bags. Stuff just sitting out gets left behind.

It took a while to clean it up. I have not yet tested it to see if the power supply is working. It seems to be a fairly nice case. Most people just buy a computer and know nothing about their case. But there are better and worse cases out there. I bought a cheap case a few years back and am still suffering with it. I may swap this one out for my current case.

You don’t find good trash just every day. So it was worth blogging about.

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