Running and commercials

I did not find any commercials to view yet from the Super Bowl, but I am sure they are waiting for me to discover them.

I have not reported on my running much recently. I have a short run planned for tomorrow. Probably will run 3-5 miles. I have not yet decided. Since I am not really training for anything, I am just running 3-5 days a week whatever distance I feel like.

I looked on my running log today and saw that I have run 32 miles this year and have 313 miles on my shoes. I wished I could get shoes in my size here. I would just buy shoes on the Internet, but since I am new to this, I don’t have a shoe that I am confident with. My current shoes are ok, but not as comfy as my last ones. I want to try shoes on before buying. Which means, I may have to wait until this summer. They stop a half size too small for being big “enough,” but I would like them to be a half size larger than that. I may buy new shoes in the same model I have now just because I know they wont kill me. Though I have never really liked these shoes.

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