Sad realization about the Super Bowl

I have not watched football much the last 7 or 8 years. I finally got excited about the game this year for a couple of reasons. First is the fact that Peyton Manning played for Tennessee when we lived there, so it is a familiar name. He has also always struck me as a nice man. Though, I really know nothing about him.

But the second, and more important, reason is that I am excited about the commercials for the first time in several years. Even though I have not watched much ball, I have taped the Super Bowl for several years just to watch the commercials. There has not been the buzz surrounding the commercials the last few years like there was in the late 90s. Particularly I am interested in tech commercials.

But, alas, the commercials are replaced by Mexican commercials. This makes sense, but robs me of why I was interested in watching the game.

I guess I will just have to catch them on YouTube later tonight or tomorrow.

One thought on “Sad realization about the Super Bowl”

  1. There were not that many good commercials…only 2 that really stood out as being worthy. One was a Doritos commercial that was made on a budget of $12.00 by some kids. But it was a great game 🙂

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