Whew! That is over…kinda

I got my paper done. I am somewhat pleased with it. I don’t think it is as organized as it could be, but that is what college papers are about. I certainly would spend a lot more time with it cleaning it up before submitting it to a magazine.

Today was the deadline. It absolutely had to be postmarked today. Well…that did not happen. I have written the college to find out if they will have mercy on me for one day. Knowing them, they will not. But, I am going to hold out hope. There is nothing I can do to change that at this point.

The paper was done at 3:15. An hour and 15 minutes before the post office closed. We had just filled up the ink cartridges on the printer so that I would definitely have enough ink. Only problem was that while changing the cartridge, I did not know that the printer would tell the Mac to disable it. So the Mac would not communicate to the printer. By the time I got that figured out I had already sent the print job to the printer a couple of times. It finally started printing at 3:45. Because I wanted it to print at a higher quality, I knew it would take a bit longer. Fortunately we only live 5 minutes from a post office.

Just a word of advice. When a printer says it prints 17 pages per minute, remember that is on the lowest quality setting. It took 2 minutes per page to print my document. It finished printing at 4:20. 10 minutes to get to the post office should be plenty.

I arrived at the post office with 5 minutes to spare. CLOSED!

Closed? Yup. That branch closes at 4:00 whereas the branch where our PO Box is closes at 4:30. That was 20 minutes away. By the time I got there they were long gone. I did not really expect to catch anyone there since they are usually gone 10 minutes before closing time.

So, here I sit with my paper on my desk waiting to go to the post office tomorrow morning. Here’s to hoping they will have mercy.

2 thoughts on “Whew! That is over…kinda”

  1. That is the only thing keeping me calm at the moment.

    But, since I spent 4 years at the school as an undergrad, I know they are pretty relentless. I will be calm tonight and just wait and see what their email reply is tomorrow.

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