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I took the final exam today. Ouch! Some of the material I knew quite well. Unfortunately those weren’t the things he asked on the test.

I am writing my final paper exposing the evils of Outcome Based Education. I am 8 pages into a 10-15 page paper. I think that is not a bad start. I basically have my outline together now and should be able to flesh it out well tomorrow after a good night’s rest (like 6 hours or so). I don’t think it will be all that bad. I won’t have the number of references that the teacher would like for me to have. I should have 15 or more sources for my research. I have 5 main resources, but there is always Wikipedia. My last paper I got by fine leaning pretty heavily on material that I found on-line. Maybe I can get by with it here too.

Funny, I am starting to think Outcome Based Education may not be all that bad. If Dr. Reese would just take into account that I don’t have a college library available to me and that I did not get my books until late in the semester. Also I had to suffer through 95+ degree days through the month of December. Surely I have put forth enough effort that he will give me a good grade on the final exam even though I did not show that I knew the material well. Oh, and I am ADD too, that should count for at least a whole letter grade.

Besides, I wrote a very entertaining piece for the final essay. He should give me credit for that. I know that talking about the virtues of Wikipedia and pimping my podcast don’t really show my knowledge of the changes in education in the US from the 1600s to the present, but it was fun to write. I enjoyed myself in the process. That too should be worth another letter grade.

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