Missionary Talks 12: James Peach

Well the fun in this episode came in the editing room (where more than 30 minutes of recording lie on the floor). The interview was fun as you can probably hear. But, trying to find something worthy of keeping was even more fun. I guess you can see that this episode is shorter than most of the others.

I tried to just let him talk, but that is what ended up on the editing room floor. It was funny to me to listen to it again with my wife today. Every time he would give an answer, I knew there was a 5 minute section that got cut out due to his rambling. It was very entertaining to hear it after I had done all the editing.

I have one more interview recorded with MKs. I recorded it last week. It has some odd noises in it that I am going to try to clean up, but we may just have to live with it. I suspect it will be a short one as well. It is with 2 sisters who also live here in town. The difference in them and the others I have spoken with is that they have lived their whole lives on the mission field. The younger one was born here.

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2 thoughts on “Missionary Talks 12: James Peach”

  1. It was hearing James’s voice. I think he did a very good interview. I’m sure the editing helped keep him on this subject, since I know he has a habit of rambling along.

  2. That was 45 minutes worth of audio that was shaved down to a 12 minute interview. So you can tell he did not really stay on track as well as it sounded. But, that is what creative editing is all about.

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