Photo scavenger hunt

Ever done one of those? When I was a teen it meant looking for Polaroid cameras to take with you as immediate proof that you took the pictures. In the day in which we live now, digital cameras help with these kinds of activities.

We took our Deaf church down town tonight on the main square. We had two teams and each had a list of items that they needed to photograph. But, of course, they were not things like “a flower” or “a bird.” It was more in line with “Take a photo of the group with a soldier.”Six way telephone call

Some of the more interesting:
Ask a policeman to sign the paper. My team got the signature of the Commandant of the Governor’s Palace Guard. Another item that we asked him for was to be able to take a picture of one of our people wearing one of their helmets. He was very gracious with the signature. He even wrote out a nice little note to the group. But when asked about the helmet, it was obvious that we had over stepped our limits. We left the palace quickly.

Trade shoes with a total stranger. We were running out of time by the time we got to that one. We tried convincing one young man to help us out. He was not to be persuaded. The next fellow we approached seemed a bit more willing. We spent 5 minutes with him trying to convince him to do it. We finally did.

Kiss a horse. My team did not get this one, but the other team did.

There were several items on the list that my team accomplished, but the other team did not. However, the other team looked for high point items. When it was all tallied in the end, we won by 200 points, though we took many more pictures than the other team, they purposefully sought out the more difficult tasks.

After we took the pictures we returned to the church where I gave a short devotional while my wife was putting the pictures from the cameras onto the computer. We then projected the pictures onto the wall while eating pizza. It was a great activity.

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