Be a Dump Runner!

I was listening to one of my favorite podcasts this morning while out for a short run. It is the podcast Dump Runners Club. I first started listening to this around episode 6 in March of last year.

It is one of those podcasts that has gotten much better with time. Having said that, do yourself a favor and don’t listen to the early episodes. If you want to go back and catch up, start somewhere in the summer around episode 20.

One thing you have to remember about Matt’s podcast though is that he is an experienced runner. You are not listening to a newbie at the sport. Therefore, he approaches things more from a seasoned athletes point of view. Not someone who just took up the sport for cardiovascular health. While I participate in races, he runs races. If we were to run a half marathon together, he would arrive about an hour ahead of me. Therefore it can be discouraging to listen to Matt and think that you will never achieve his level as a runner. Don’t let that get you down. There is a need for high level athletes to get some information that can help them.

The episode I heard today was about New Year’s running resolutions. He had some good stuff to think about and try to challenge yourself with in the coming year.

I enjoy the show so I thought I would share that with you and give Matt some positive advertisement. But believe me when I say you don’t want to listen to the early episodes.

Yes, I know that it is a strange name. A Dump Runner is the title bestowed on someone who runs to the dump. Literally. A recent episode mentioned a lady who became a Dump Runner on her birthday. I thought about doing the same for my birthday this year, but instead went and gorged myself at the local breakfast buffet. I will do a dump run sometime soon and become a member of this exclusive club.

3 thoughts on “Be a Dump Runner!”

  1. I love the Dump Runners Club podcast as well. He is definitely someone who knows what he is talking about. unfortunately, I am behind (still) on my podcasts and I only have like 6 or 8 that I subscribe to, not like 40!

    Here in Knoxville, we don’t have a “dump” per se, but I was going to email him and see if running to the Recycling Center would at least get a Junior Dump Runners Club membership…

  2. I don’t listen to 40 podcasts anymore. It is more in line with 60!

    Good news about being a Dump Runner. He just announced in the latest episode that he might consider that running to any public works facilities would qualify you for the club. You would have to write Matt and find out, but I would suspect that the Recycling Center would work.

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