Help promote Missionary Talks

I need some bloggers to post about Missionary Talks. Though I have some bloggers who have me in their BlogRolls (or links) section, I have few who have blogged about the podcast. Getting a link in a blog posting helps bring Missionary Talks up in the rankings at Technorati. Which then makes it more visible in other search engines.

I know, it is tooting my own horn, but someone has to do it. No one is doing it on their own. So get out there and blog! (please?)

2 thoughts on “Help promote Missionary Talks”

  1. No, no need to be signed up at Technorati. They will spider your blog anyway. It is basically just Google for blogs. So it does its work with or without your approval. And, like Google, when there are links back to a site, it promotes that site in the rankings.

    Key words are not necessary, I don’t think. I think it is simply the fact of having the link that makes it do its magic.

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