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If you are not a blogger you would not necessarily know that the reason many blogs use CAPTCHAs and moderate their comments is because of comment spam. Even though I have had my blog on-line for almost a year, I have had very little comment spam. Somewhat on the order of 3-5 a month that I have to filter out.

That was until this weekend. I got 28 comment spams on Saturday. I decided to enable the plugin Akismet that comes with my blogging software. Before I got it running I had another 35 spam messages. That put my number up to 60+ in just a few hours. Since then the software has caught and blocked over 500 spam messages and I have had to manually mark as spam another 100 that the software has missed.

I don’t know why I got so popular all of a sudden, but maybe this kind of popularity is not what I am looking for.

I am curious to hear from other bloggers as to how many comment spams they get each day.

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  1. My stagnant photoblog would get about 50-75 per day, but were the ONLY comments I would receive.

    Planet3rry gets about 10-20 per day and has Akismet running, so it has been very effective. It has had a false positive here and there…

  2. In the last 1 hour and 20 minutes I have gotten 113 comment spams.

    I think something is out of control!!

    Interestingly, they are all about online gambling.

  3. Maybe you have a problem that you are keeping from your family. Remember Steph keeps getting magazines here at the house about sports sites.

  4. The tide seems to be going out. After getting over 700 comment spams in 4 days, I have only gotten 30 in the last 24 hours. Things are looking up.

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