Wide dee big bus!

Early in the week our daughter (2 1/2 years old) got fascinated with the buses driving around us. She decided that she wanted to ride on the big buses.

Finally Thursday night we took an adventure trip. She, our son and I took a bus to the store just to satiate her desire to “wide dee big bus.” Going to the store the bus was packed. PACKED! I squatted down in the aisle by the front door and she sat on my leg.

Coming back there was only one other person on the bus with us.

Now every time we walk out the front door she asks if we are going to wide dee big bus again. I guess we will take a trip tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “Wide dee big bus!”

  1. Leyla probably would like to ride the tourist buses downtown, the ones where you can ride up top with the open air.

  2. I think that is what really got all this started. She rode the tourist bus a few months back and was remembering that. She had a great time then. Until she fell asleep of course.

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