While sitting at the guitar concert (which my wife would have gone to had we had a baby sitter), I thought, “I should have brought our son.” When I was talking to the string quartet after the concert, they told me about the orchestra playing the next night. Their normal cellist was not with them because he was practicing a solo section for the orchestra.

I decided then to go hear the orchestra play Friday night. And, I took my son.

We heard music from Debussy, Dvorak and Fauré. Those were good, but what I was most excited about was when I saw that they had Aaron Copeland’s name on the program. And…it was the Billy the Kid suite. Ahh, my favorite Copeland music.

I have never heard Billy the Kid live before. If you have not had the opportunity, it is definitely worth the price of admission (at least for the $4 tickets I got). If you love percussion, then that is the piece to hear.

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