5 Km Race today

This morning I ran a 5 Km. in record time. Well, a record for me anyway. 28:00:63. The distance was just over 5Km at 5.17. At that pace I would have run a 27:04 5Km. 27 was my goal for this morning. I only missed it by 4 seconds and feel I certainly could have done that.

Kilometer splits were pretty accurate. 3 was off, so I am not sure exactly what 2 and 4 were, but here are the approximates.

    1. 5:15
    2. 5:08
    3. 6:33
    4. 5:34
    5. 5:28

This was my best minute per mile race (8:42) by more than a minute each mile. I really felt good and pushed myself at the end more than ever. At the end there was a fellow just ahead of me. I had been reeling him in for the last 5 blocks of the race. When we were a block and a half away I caught him and he turned on the steam. I stayed mostly with him, but just a step or two behind. When I really kicked it up with 1/2 block to go, so did he. We pushed each other to the end. He stayed just a step ahead. The crowd enjoyed it I think.

This was, by far, my most enjoyable 5 Km. I am hoping to get a few more in as I lower my times. That is the distance I am going to concentrate on for a while until it is time to work on a half marathon again.

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