Missionary Talks 05: Steve Hathaway

Episode 5 is up! Go check it out and leave a comment. Also you can vote at Podcast Alley.

The behind the scenes info on this one is that this was the first time that I did some re-arranging on the order of questions. I moved some around so it flowed better and I ended stronger. There were a couple of other things that I would have liked to move around, but as much work as it was, I am happy to just have it done.

This one required the most editing. Sound quality is considerably better I think though. Starting next week you will get to hear an even better sound (I hope). Each week I am learning new tricks.

Thanks for listening as spreading the word.

2 thoughts on “Missionary Talks 05: Steve Hathaway”

  1. I caught up on my listening since being gone for two podcasts. I think the sound quality was a little better for Steve’s than others.

  2. Yes, the sound quality is much better on this one. We did what is called a double ender. He recorded his end and I recorded mine. He had better equipment than I. The next episode should even be better, though the content may not be as interesting.

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