Missionary Talks 03: Shane Rice

Episode 3 is out! I am excited about this one. Not that I was not excited about the others, but this one was actually the first one I recorded. Shane and I have been friends for about 6 years and I knew he would step up to the plate to help me get my feet wet and get this started.

The hard part about this episode was that to keep within my 15 minute goal, I had to cut a bunch of stuff out. Also, I had to remove some of the silence between questions and answers, so it does not sound as natural.

This was the second recording since my computer ate the first recording. I had it all recorded, but ran out of space. When my computer was trying to convert the raw files to mp3 with no hard drive space, it just lost it all. It was kinda good. Gave us a chance to do it the second time around without being so stiff.


2 thoughts on “Missionary Talks 03: Shane Rice”

  1. There are some clicks in there too. I thought that was from my edit points, but it was in the original audio too. It is on his channel, so I am not sure if it was his problem or mine.

    I hope to get more good stories like the nursing mothers.

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