Ever been scared senseless?

Thursday I got sent from the kitchen at the retreat where I spent the week to tell some of the men it was time to eat. I ran down to the abandoned buildings where they were and called them back to lunch. Since I had not been in the buildings, I got curious to check out one of them.

The camp where we were has been abandoned for 10 years and was just purchased this last May. There is a 4,000 square foot house on the property, but it is one of the structures that has not been brought back to life yet. It had a beautiful fireplace that just called me in to check it out. Since there was no glass and part of the walls are missing, it was pretty open to the world.

I walked in and noticed all the ceiling fans piled up in the room next to the fireplace. I also noticed that many of the walls were black towards the top like maybe there had been a fire in the house. Not that the walls were burnt. This is México where all the walls are made of blocks and concrete. So the house will not burn, but could show smoke damage.

I began to think why there might have been a fire in the house. Maybe vandals. Then I slipped into the bizarre and started thinking about Satan worshippers. I rounded the corner of the room and saw the front door for the first time. It was big and very nice. As I was looking at the door and thinking about Satan worshippers and possible human sacrifices, the door pushed open. Not like it was just wind, but like someone was walking through the door. I was in a position that I could not see what was on the other side. Then the door pulled closed like it would after someone walked through it and closed it, kinda strong and violent.

Now I have Satan worship, human sacrifices and ghosts going through my head. I knew it had to be harmless, so I walked toward the door to investigate. About the time I got to the door to see what was up, when one of the men stepped from around the side of the wall (which was missing) right beside me. I am sure I turned totally white. I know I was ready to run back through a wall while wetting myself.

Fortunately my mind processed what was going on faster than my body reacted.

One thought on “Ever been scared senseless?”

  1. It’s times like that when your mind for a femto-second remembers that “as a runner, I can probably out run any satanworshipper or ghost that might come and get me… zombies, of course, are way to slow to do any real damage”

    how funny… I was getting tense just reading your entry…

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