Back from Monterrey

I just got back from the large city of Monterrey in northen México. I was there from Monday evening to Friday morning. I was not actually in the city all of the time, but between the towns of Allende and Cadereytes for most of the week.

I had a conference with other missionaries and pastors working with the Deaf. Most of the attenedees have been friends of mine for a while, and all of them I knew previously. Therefore it was a great time of getting together with friends and accomplish some planning and much needed encouragment for one another.

I got to run a couple of days while I was gone. I did not run this morning since I had to be headed to the airport by 5:00 am.

Monterrey is a place where T3rry could feel right at home. It reminds me a lot of Knoxville. Except the mountains around Monterrey are more along the lines of the Rockies as opposed to the Smokies. But the way the town twists and turns with very few straight roads and nothing is flat is what will make you think of Knoxville.

I will give you more stories from the week in the next few days.

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