Smoking or Non-Smoking

“Four people. Non-Smoking please.” I said to the wait staff when we walked into Boston’s Restaurant today. We don’t normally go on Monday, so we did not recognize any one in the place. Normally we are there on Sundays or Fridays.

She took us to a table. Right next to it was “Dragon Lady” blowing smoke. I am talking the very next table. I told the seater that I did not want to sit there. Indignantly she said, “Sir, this table is in the non-smoking section. And that table [with Dragon Lady] is smoking.” To which I replied, “Yes, I know. I don’t care. I won’t sit here.”

She reluctantly took us to another table.

Interesting tidbit. When I went to look up Boston’s to give a link I decided to see where their restaurants were in México. Come to find out, we have the only one. Aren’t we special?

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