Bad day for cats

If you have a weak stomach, maybe you want to skip to the next post.

Yesterday morning when we were pulling out of the drive to go to church there must have been a kitten in the engine compartment. My wife was standing at the gate and saw the kitten on top of the tire. He must have jumped up there from being inside somewhere. When he jumped off he jumped right in front of the tire. Well, he did not make it.

You would think that a half mile drive to church would not be so tramatic.
Today my wife came up to my office and said she needed my services. That’s never good.

One of the other kittens had crawled up beside the washing machine and died. It was rejected by its mother last week. I had to dispose of it.

There were 3 kittens born in the adjoining lot to our house about 10 days ago. Now there is just one left. They hang around our house, but they are just strays.

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