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Check out my running log. Currently you can get to the link at any time in the sidebar under the heading “Blogroll.” I am not sure it will stay there forever, but it will be in the sidebar somewhere.

I have been commenting my runs as much as I can so that it is not just a bunch of numbers. This should make reading the log a bit more interesting. If you want to scroll back through the weeks, click the blue runner forward or backwards. You can also use the charting to see how I am doing week by week, or month by month.

Please don’t look too carefully at the last couple of weeks and this week. I am breaking a basic running rule during those weeks. Because of some rough scheduling and sickness, my mileage was very low for two weeks. Then this week I have ramped up my mileage to an insane amount. When the week is over, I will have made up the last two weeks of lost mileage. I will have pushed over 30 miles this week. A normal week for me would be 15 to 20 miles.

I am sure that looking at someone else’s running log has to be one of the most boring things a person can do, but it is there for those of you who get into that kind of thing.

4 thoughts on “My Running Log”

  1. I know that my split times bore my non-runner readers to tears and my runner readers just glance over them. I stick them in there as a one-stop shopping for all my running and blogging needs. But then again, I have an Excel file that I created as a calendar that logs my miles and another excel file that started out as a shoe log but I keep adding new variables about my run. Plus, I try to update my log when I can…

  2. I get scared a bit by using an on-line log. Sometimes the site,, is really bogged down. There are an insane number of users there. Every couple of weeks I download my log so that I can import it into my spreadsheet. I love that it logs my shoes.

    I realize that my log probably means nothing to no one else, but at least my Mom can look at it and think that I am really doing something cool. Moms are good for the ego.

  3. Moms rock!

    Oh, did I mention that I also have a handwritten (although not organized) version of my workout too…

    I find online logs cumbersome, but it has been useful when I do not have my USB drive or my written log.

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