3 mile run tomorrow

I sit here thinking about my 3 mile run tomorrow. I remember when that was considered a long run. Now it is a welcome short day in my training. It is supposed to be a tempo run. I am going to try and run it as a speed workout. I probably shouldn’t, but I am going for a PR tomorrow. That will be a time of 27:25 or better.

Saturday I had a great 9.7 mile run. I did something at the end of the run that I am going to try this weekend during my long run. I drank a Coke right at the end. I de-fizzed it and drank it slowly. It seemed to keep me perked up and I did not have any stomach problems. I am looking for a possible replacement for sport gel/gu/beans during my half marathon. I have tried some Sport Beans and PowerBar Gel, both of which seemed to help tremendously. But, neither are available here that I have found. Coke is everywhere though, so maybe that will be a better choice.

Monday I had a great 3 mile speed workout. I ran 200 meter intervals at an average pace of 56 seconds per interval. That is a speed of 7:30 per mile on those fast parts. I ran slowly for 200 meters between each speed section at a 10:13 pace, which is still pretty snappy for me. I ran a total of 3 miles.

My last 2 runs have been great runs. That is a nice thing to be able to say based on the fact that last week my runs were getting difficult.

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