Nose dive on a 5 miler

Had my 5 mile run all mapped out on Google Earth last night. Ready to run this morning. It was to be a “tempo run” which means that I should run at race pace. I decided to run my tempo runs at the pace I would like to run my 1/2 marathon. That should be 10 minutes per mile. Which will give me a time of 2:10:00 (plus a little bit) for the half. If I run a bit faster for a few miles, I might even get closer to 2 hours. My last one was 2:29:00.

My run took me on a dirt road between miles 2 and 3. I had run on this road several times before and was congratulating myself on the difficulty of that road and the fact that I have never face planted there. It is quite a technical run. Lots of big rocks stick out along with having to dodge the mud puddles. About half way through my congratulatory speech to myself a rock grabbed my right foot. I started going down fast. Fortunately the rock let go of my foot in time to shove it under me and keep me from hitting the ground with my face.

I did, however, violently rip my ear phones out of my head. I wear the kind that loop around the back of the ear like a hearing aide. Hurt just a little, but far less than scraping my nose off of a rock with a spatula.

Good run. I have almost 20 miles on my new shoes. I am not really even thinking about them anymore. They are noticeably more comfortable, but only if I think about it.

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