Gnats and Telephone Poles

I ran through several clouds of gnats last week while running in south Texas. They certainly don’t go down very easily. They tend to get stuck in the back of the throat. Ick!

One day last week I got to do something enjoyable, besides get my protein fill of gnats. I noticed while running that there were telephone poles in regular succession. I was able to do some speed work by sprinting from one pole to the next and taking the next pole at a relaxed pace. They certainly were not 200 yards apart and therefore did not fit with my current interval plan, but it was something I could do without being at the track.

Today while running along a beach in Ciudad del Carmen, México I could have done the same thing with trash cans. It was amazing to see the number of trash cans they have right along a particular area where they obviously host quite a number of events. There was a section where the trash cans could not have been more than 20 yards apart for close to a half mile long.

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