Woodrow Kroll writes about The DaVinci Code

I get a lot of questions asked of me about The DaVinci Code. These questions are usually from friends who know that I am a Christian and they focus on how scandalous the book must be for me. My answers have centered around the fact that the book should be seen as a work of fiction.

Yes, it is highly inflammatory. Yes, it does make certain assertions about Christianity that make it seem like a shady religion. But a few things must be remembered. This is fiction. If one takes any amount of time to check the facts in the book, they will find that there are many historical inaccuracies. Many.

The book also confuses Christianity with Catholicism. Therefore, whatever is said about the Catholic Church is being applied to Christianity as a whole. There have been many things done through the history of Catholic Church that does not fall under the realm of Christianity. I know that people will argue that Catholicism is Christianity, but not where I live. I live in a Catholic country. Here, you are either Catholic, or Christian. The Catholics make this distinction more than we do.

There is a great article by Woodrow Kroll at Back to the Bible. He takes just three points about the book to write his article. I thought it was an excellent, short, read. Mr. Kroll states, “Dan Brown has done his homework, but it’s in the realm of lore and legend, not the reality of history. It’s fiction, not fact.” That is a great summary of the book.

I found the book to be well written from a literary standpoint. Unfortunately it is being taken more as fact than it is fiction.

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