Marathon coming soon…

Well, a marathon is being run. But I am not running in it. Maratón de la Marina will be run June 18 from Mérida, México to Progreso. It seems like it will be an official distance (unlike any other race I have run here).

I will not be running in this marathon for three simple reasons, the first of which is the most frustrating. I did not know about this race until now. Just 2 weeks before it is to be run. Though, I have to say that I have gotten more warning on this race than any previous race. Normally I find out about a race 1 to 4 days before they run. Therefore, no training for specific races are done. I just hope to find a race and then jump in.

The second reason is that all races here are run on Sunday. This one will be no exception. Starts at 6:00 am. The best possible time I could hope for would be well over 5 hours. That means church would be over before I could get from Progreso back to Mérida. Out of the question.

Which brings me to the third reason. I am no where close to being trained for this. I am focusing my efforts right now on staying running and in a few short weeks I will start training for my next half marathon, the Phedippidations World Wide Half Marathon.

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