Proverbs 22:1

I was teaching a class yesterday using this verse which says: A good name is rather to be chosen than great riches, and loving favour rather than silver and gold. In a nutshell it means that a good reputation is better than a boatload of money. It does not say that you can’t be rich and have a good reputation. But that you should not trade the good name for the money.

What I got from this after thinking about it some was this. If you believe this verse and practice it, it says certain things about you. You are honest. You are a hard worker. You obey the authority placed over you.

No thief believes and practices this verse. Liars don’t believe and practice this. Nor lazy people.

There are companies that have lots of money, but horrible reputations. They get there by being liars and thieves. But those who have good reputations can also have the money.

It is never right to sacrifice on the alter of money and riches a good name or reputation.

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  1. i agree..
    today i was talking to a lady about this verse. Apparently she got mistaken on what the verse actually means..
    She thought it meant that a good name.. be it “Sally”.. or “Morgan” is of great importance.
    I told her.. that’s not about the name.. cause after all a name is nothing but a word (which at the most carry some symbolic meaning to it). What the verse is talking about is one’s reputation.

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