Wandering around Mexico City

Ten hour layovers can be fun, especially around Mexico City. The downside is when the layover is from 8 at night to 6 in the morning. I jumped into the METRO system after depositing my bags in a secure locker at the airport. I asked around for something interesting to see. Immediately I was pointed to the Red Light district and the bars. Neither of which I wanted anything to do with.

Then it was recommended that I try the Garibaldi stop. That is where I found close to 200 mariachi playing their music in hopes that someone would drive by and hire them. That was fun. I called my wife from there and let her listen to some of the music with me.

Then I hit Bellas Arte. A section of the Centro Historico where there are some amazing buildings with some of the most beautiful architecture.

Back to the METRO and on to the airport. Problem was the METRO stops running shortly after mid-night. I got within one stop of the airport and got kicked out. Taxi time. Not sure what you have heard about the taxis in Mexico City, but basically they are to be avoided at all costs–especially at night!

No choice. I took the taxi and lived to write about it.

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