Newspaper girl

This morning on the way to church there was a young lady selling newspapers on the street corner. A very common site here in México. There were 3 cars lined up to buy a newspaper from her. So, typical, she walked over to her stack of probably a hundred papers and grabbed precisely one. She then strolled over to the first car and sold him his paper. Then walked back to the stack and this time grabbed two for the other two cars.

At least she did better this second time. But what if one of the cars wanted two papers? No problem to her. She is paid to sell papers, not to be efficient. This whole scene was taking place at an intersection with a light. The light turned green as she was walking to the stack to get the extra two papers, so I did not see what followed. But she was in no hurry. Fortunately, there was room that these three cars were able to pull over and form a line to get their paper. Normally there would be cars lined up behind them to get through the light. Do you think that bothers anyone involved or actually makes them speed up any? Don’t count on it.

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