Darwin turns 197

Darwin has been promoted to being on the level with, or higher than, God in some churches. We accept what Darwin has to say, without proof, but won’t accept what God has to say with plenty of proof. To call Darwinism “science” is a misunderstanding of what science and the scientific process is. Take this quote from a quote in the New York Times.

“…the theory of evolution is ‘a foundational scientific truth.’ To reject it, the letter continues, ‘is to deliberately embrace scientific ignorance and transmit such ignorance to our children.’ “

How can it be a foundational scientific truth if it has not yet been proved? If something is fact, then it must be proved or proveable. Science, by definition, is knowledge gained through experimentation, observation and experience. No one has seen evolution happen. We only have the record of God to tell us how creation took place. If you don’t believe Him, then that is your choice. But churches, of all people, should not be saying that what Charles Darwin says must be more accurate than what God says.

Call them both, Darwinism and Creationism, religions if you want. You can say that Creationism (Intelligent Design) is not science even though there is nothing scientifically disproving it. But don’t call Evolution “science” since it does not fit the definition. Especially since what we can observe, experiment and experience has not proved it to be true.

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