WordCamp Nashville

Sitting here at WordCamp NashvilleWordCamp Nashville 2015 realizing that I haven’t updated this site in a while. I was in the middle of a series and got distracted. But at least I have something here.

I attended a talk on creating custom fields presented by @JoeHills. Though I’ve not build custom fields before, I have wanted to. This was great information for how to get started.

The next session I attended was on building themes more quickly by @AndyInTheWild. Good tips on how to ramp up theme-building production. Mostly I just modify themes, but I have built one theme from a basic framework. This is for Baptist International Outreach (the mission board where I spend my days).

Now I am sitting at the registration table holding down the fort during an hour where I couldn’t get excited about any of the topics. This worked out well since the lady running the table before me didn’t care about any session except the one during this hour.