Missionary Talks 39: Brenda Edwards

Two weeks ago when I was on my trip to Tampico I got a chance to interview Richard and Brenda Edwards. They are a couple who spent a few years in Kenya as missionaries. In this episode, Brenda tells us about taking her children to Africa and some concerns she had as a mother. She also talks about shopping frustrations.

While recording we were in competition with a dog barking in the house. I tried to eliminate those sections as much as possible, but you can probably still pick out the dog in some places. There are also some random traffic noises. But, I think it is clear enough.

I am still working on the William Carey script. I have had some computer problems on the machine that I was writing on. I will have to move that info onto my main machine and try to get that knocked out this week. I will be recording the William Carey bio on my new microphone. I hope to get a good clean recording to work with. With just a little bit of money I have been able to clean up the sound in my recordings. It won’t affect the next couple of interviews for Missionary Talks, but you will be able to hear it in the next episode of My Thought Spot, which I am editing now.