No two children are alike

Our kids are as different as night and day. While they obviously come from the same set of parents, they have personalities that are as diverse as their parents.

Our bathtubThis morning our daughter wanted to take a bath. I had just jumped out of the shower and she ran into the bathroom ready to jump in the tub. Since we don’t have a real tub, she uses a large plastic packing box as her bathtub (see attached photo). Because it is not a real tub, it has to be manually emptied after her bath each day. She was too impatient to wait for her tub to be emptied and refilled this morning. She just jumped right into the cold water. It took her 3 attempts to get all the way into the tub and comfortable with the water temp, but she did it and had her bath.

On the other extreme was our son this morning. He was walking around with a jacket on because it was too cold. It was 75 degrees this morning. Certainly not cold enough for a jacket. He wore it for a few hours until he got warmed up.

Crazy kids.

Our daughter takes after me and our son takes after my wife.