The new Tilley arrived

The nice people at Weatherford’s called this afternoon to tell me that my new hat arrived today. That was a lot faster than I expected, but I was certainly pleased.

I had the LTM6 in the Natural color. I would have really liked the Khaki colored hat. This one is Olive. I expect that I will wear it out in the next 3 years too, so then I can go with the Khaki and give it a try.

The picture was snapped while driving down the road this afternoon after getting the hat. The lady at Weatherford’s told a story that inspired this.

A customer wanted to buy a hat for 50% off the price as a warranty purchase. The Tilley guarantee gives you the right to purchase a new hat for 50% if you lose your original hat, or if it is stolen. The man could not find the reciept from his purchase. Tilley said that if he could produce a picture of him wearing the hat, then they would honor the guarantee. He found one and bought a new hat for 50% off. I now have a picture to document that I own this particular hat.