Ants in my pants!

Saturday morning I went out to weed eat the greenery in the lot next to our house. I would like to say it is beautiful grass, but “greenery” is the kindest word I can find for the stuff. Of course things never go quite as smoothly as planned. I ran out of string about 5 minutes into the job. That meant that if I was going to be able to finish it Saturday, I would have to do it in the afternoon. I did not have time to go get string and complete the job before my morning responsibilities.

After I got home in the afternoon, I went down to the hardware store and picked up some line for the weed whacker. After enduring the ridicule from the workers in the hardware store about my accent, I got the machine all loaded up and ready to whack some weeds.

Weed eating getupI have a pair of coveralls that I wear when I do this. They are already grass/weed stained from previous encounters. Do you know how hard it is to get a pair of coveralls off when you are sweat soaked and in a hurry?

When I felt the first ant on my leg I simply killed it through my pants. But I quickly realized there were more than just a few crawling up my legs. Fortunately for the neighbors we have a 10′ tall brick wall around our house. Otherwise they would have seen my boxers Saturday afternoon.

We have an outdoor shower that got put to use to assuage the pain from the ant bites.

When I got back on the job Monday morning it was with a liberal application of duct tape holding my pants to my boots to keep the ants out.