I am in touch with the earth

I at least have an earth ground anyway.

Today my electrician friend and I ran a ground wire from my electrical box all the way to my office. It would be nice to think that my house has grounded electricity, but alas, it does not. I have been battling with wonky electricity since we have been in this house the last year and a half. Of particular difficulty has been with recording. I get a lot of electrical noise through the computer and the mixer.

I couldn’t convince my friend to let me run a grounding rod outside my office and just tie onto that. He insisted we go all the way to the electrical box. I am sure he is right and I am better off for it, but it sure seems like a lot of work. I think any ground has to be better than what I had. He was not persuaded.

So now (after several hours of work) I am in touch with the earth. Well, this is making one huge assumption. We assume that the electrical box is grounded. We were able to determine that our neighbors (on both sides) had good earth grounds, but were not able to run the definitive tests we needed at my house. Here’s to hoping!