Cup of coffee anyone? How about a doughnut?

Coffee cup with a built-in doughnut holder.I saw this coffee mug tonight on a website and thought of a few friends. Wouldn’t it be great to take this to the office kitchen and load up on a cup of coffee and a doughnut? Or, you could slide a couple of cookies in the mouth.

Of course, there are a couple of issues with the whole idea.

First, are there always doughnuts or cookies in the office lounge? It would seem like a great waste of coffee space to carry a mug around that only half of it was dedicated to coffee. I do have a second hand. I always assumed its purpose was to carry around my doughnuts and cookies.

The second problem is that the coffee might heat up the doughnut too much. Then you would have chocolate ooze dripping off your mug as you walked back to your desk. That is, assuming you eat chocolate doughnuts. Personally I like mine glazed (yes, I also prefer vanilla ice cream). Either way, you have a sticky mess falling from your cup onto the floor or on your desk. I would rather have the doughnut drip on my hand so that I can lick up every bit of sugar available.

I am not sure if the second problem is worse than the first or vice versa. They are both serious problems. But carrying a coffee cup that is only half full of coffee seems to be the greater of the two problems to me.

If you are so inclined to purchase one, you can pick up the Face Mug at Amazon for $18.