The Child’s Story

While looking for the text of A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens today, I found another Christmas book by him. It is a set of short stories. I did not read them all, but I would assume they have something to do with Christmas. The book is called Some Christmas Stories.

I only read one of the stories, and it had nothing to do with Christmas. It is called The Child’s Story But it made me think of my grandparents. While I will not be able to share this story with all of them since some have already died, I still have a few who could enjoy this story. I have recorded it and will be trying to send it to them in a format in which they can listen on their record players.

If you can use this audio anywhere, feel free to do so. Dickens does not mind, the copyright is expired on the text. I would appreciate a link back to if you would like to attribute it anywhere. But, this is not necessary.

Click the play button to listen to it or right click on this direct link to the mp3 and download it to your computer.

[10:23 min., 7.6 MB]