Running Related Articles

Here is a series of informational running related articles that I have written.

Best Running Accessories is about some of my favorite running related accessories. This list is bound to change periodically, but I tried to give a good listing of normal and odd accessories that I always have with me on the run.

Why Shop at Your Local Running Store? A list of reasons why you should visit your local running store. There are many items you can buy cheaper online, but there are some things that they don’t sell in stores that you can get free, but only if you take the time to visit.

Barefoot Running in Vibram FiveFingers is about my year of running in the FiveFingers. What I like and don’t like about the whole barefoot running craze.

Not strictly a running article, but it is a shorter summation of What I did to Lose Weight and Get in Shape than what I posted on the blog.

Wanting to learn about arch types and how they affect your running? This is an article that talks about low, normal and high arches and how they affect your running mechanics.

Along with arch types, there are different types of running shoes (stability, cushioned and motion control) to help guide your footstrike. Often the type of shoe you need is based on your arch type, but not always.

Suffering with Runner’s Knee and need relief? This covers some of the causes of runner’s knee and some exercises to help.

Cold weather running doesn’t have to be miserable. Dressing properly for winter running will allow you to keep racking up the miles.

A series of treadmill related articles:

A list of suggestions for dealing with dogs while running. Calling animal control is one of the first steps, but beyond that there are options you should consider.

Features of running watches. Even if you want just a basic watch there are some things you should look for. Beyond that there are suggestions for complexity up to GPS enable watches.

Tips for staying safe while running. Whether running at night or during the day, one of the key things you must do is be visible.

As runners we use various online tools. This is a review of three online running tools I use regularly.

Review of the running log at RunningAHEAD where I keep track of my running activities.

Different mapping tools for runners: the situations that make one tool better than another at different times.

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