About My Thought Spot

I have many scattered interests as you will be able to see from reading this blog.

I have written about art and books. Mostly about running and living in Mexico. One of my hobbies is to see how stupid sales and service people can be. I don’t know why, but they must pick me out as a person for whom to showcase their idiocy. That is fine, I get to write about them then. Podcast listening and creating have also shown their faces on the blog.

There is an occasional podcast that comes out of this site. There have been many weeks where I have recorded a podcast, but did not have time to edit it or upload it. The podcast is usually a re-hash of the blog. Mostly it is a very thinly veiled promotion for my main podcast Missionary Talks.

Stick around and you might just learn something about me. Don’t wait around to learn anything that would be very useful in every day life though. You might have to wait a long time.

2 thoughts on “About My Thought Spot”

  1. You definitely have a variety of very different subjects and interests.

    Not sure actually what or how we can write for each others blog. This is a web page and not a blog (I think) Cheers Eileen

  2. Oh, yes, I have plenty of interests. Some of it even makes sense.

    I will send you an email about trading off some blog posts. And, yes, this is a blog. It is not at all focused like a niche website, but that is the beauty of it. I am not limited to anything in particular.

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