April Fool’s Day Fun

Upside Down Day

I’ve eaten leftover pizza for breakfast many times. But yesterday, my wife made pizza for breakfast. She didn’t do any crazy toppings on it. Just the fact that we had fresh baked pizza for breakfast was enough. She even served me a glass of Diet Dr Pepper to go with the pizza. The kids loved it.

Picture of a slice of pizza

Picture of breakfast food

My mom asked if that meant we would have cereal for supper. I told her I did not know, but that my wife had sent lunch to the office with instructions to not peek until lunch time. Well, that is when the cereal came out. Everyone at the office enjoyed the story of pizza for breakfast which explained the strange lunch.

For supper last night we had eggs, sausage, hash browns, and cinnamon rolls. Yum!

But the biggest prank of the day was what happened at the office.


It all started with an innocent phone call on Monday evening from our African Director in the office. I had been in the office late that night so he called to see if I was still there. I wasn’t but my wife and I were headed back to the office area later in the evening for a friend’s violin recital. I said I could take care of whatever he needed.

That is how the plan to trash the financial secretary’s office came about.

The Deed

Picture of an office with papers on the floorWe (my wife and I) took a couple of thick file folders from my office and tossed the contents all over the floor of the financial secretary’s office. We then opened several file drawers and randomly pulled file folders out of place so it looked like the files on the floor came out of her filing cabinets. Chairs and lamps were overturned as well as desk drawers were opened. Without getting violent and breaking anything, it looked pretty well tossed.

The big boss in the office is staying in a trailer on site. Since the financial secretary usually gets to the office before everyone else, we thought it was best to alert the boss to a possible frantic visit early of April 1st.

Show Time

When the financial secretary called me—why did she suspect me in the first place?—yesterday morning she was very calm. “Peach, are you messing with me?” I innocently responded that I might be, but I needed to know more information as to what the accusation was about. She told me about her office and I asked her if the alarm had gone off. She said she didn’t think so since she had to turn it off when she came into the building (I didn’t want the building to be un-protected for a simple prank). I then told her she should call the African director to see if the alarm company or police had called him because of the alarm going off in the night. She was already at the boss’ trailer and he denied any knowledge of the events.

Picture of me with an ice cream bucket on my headBecause she had convinced herself that I had done something to her office, she was pretty calm when we started our phone conversation. However, by the time she got off the phone with me and got ready to call the African director, she was fairly well worked up. I’m glad I wasn’t there in person or I could not have kept up the ruse.

I heard that the conversation between the financial secretary and the African director resulted in me getting ratted out pretty quickly. He could not string her on much further without fear of serious retribution (which I still somewhat expect).

The brains of the operation—I’m just the muscle—called me after he got through talking with her and we had a good laugh. After giving her a few minutes I sent a text message asking if she was OK. Her reply was, “Yes and congrats to the best April fools joke on the planet.” Then she proceeded to tell me why it was a terrible day to pull a joke on her (first of the month is the busiest day for her outside of the day she has to close out the books for the month). However, she was relieved to find out that all the paper on the floor belonged to me and that she did not have to figure out where it all belonged.

Needless to say, when I went into the office yesterday, I felt like I needed to protect myself. As defense I wore an ice cream bucket on my head and safety goggles. I also carried a large wooden stick in case I needed to get aggressive in protecting myself.

I am almost afraid to go into the office today.

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  1. Poor Nicki. I wonder how she puts up with all of you in the office day in and day out. She must have the patience of Job.

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