Two Favorite Podcasters Meet: Kindle Chronicles and Grammar Girl

At the recent New Media Expo in Las Vegas, several podcasters got to interview one another and do some cross-promotion. Two of my favorite podcasters bumped into one another; Len Edgerly from The Kindle Chronicles met Mignon Fogarty, a.k.a. Grammar Girl.

Grammar GirlGrammar Girl’s podcasts are all scripted which adds a little stiffness to her speech, but has the wonderful benefit of packing a ton of information into a short podcast–something I absolutely love. I have heard Mignon speak without notes before and love the honesty and wonder you can hear in her voice. A highlight for me was when she called me in Argentina and interviewed me for one of her podcasts: Behind the Grammar.

In the episode of The Kindle Chronicles in which Len interviews several people from New Media Expo, he has a short conversation with Grammar Girl. I think this conversation captures their personalities well. The conversation with Mignon starts at 27 minutes and 52 seconds into the recording. Though, if you have the time, really everything from 18:38 with Cliff Ravenscraft until the end of the episode is worth listening to.

Len and I met at South By Southwest a couple of years ago (when I also met the eBook Ninjas). I was already a fan of the podcast, but being able to sit and eat breakfast with him was a great opportunity.

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