Bicycle Touring Scholarship

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Darren over at Bicycle Touring Pro has a scholarship in which he helps young bike tourists get started with their dreams of bike travel. He does this with cash gifts as well as equipment donations. This month he is donating 100% of the profits he makes from his bike touring related ebooks to the scholarship. This offer good from now until April 24th. On the 25th he is planning to distribute the money to the applicants that get accepted to the program.

Therefore, if you were considering buying one of Darren’s books, The Bicycle Traveler’s Blueprint, The Essential Guide to Touring Bicycles or The Ultimate Guide to Free Lodging, now is the time to do it. He also has a video he has put out which contains much of the same information.

As someone who is interested in bike travel myself, I am excited to help Darren promote his books. Especially since I know the profits will help new bike travelers. I am more than twice as old as some of his applicants, therefore I don’t qualify for the program. But I can help out those who do qualify.

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