Unwatched Pot Boils Over

This morning my wife was not feeling well. She got the pot of oatmeal started and then went back to bed. She gave me all the particulars on how to cook the oatmeal (I could have figured it out myself, but it makes her feel needed). She told me it would take about 15 minutes for the liquid to begin boiling.

She is quite famous in our house for letting the pot boil over.

I was so proud of myself for not letting it boil over I went upstairs to gloat after I put the oatmeal into the pot. I enjoyed telling her what a better cook I am because I did not boil over the liquid and make the same nasty mess she often does. By the time I got back downstairs there was sticky slimy porridge on the stove. Oops.

Can you believe she even thought I should be the one to clean it up?

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